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Invisible Undershirt

Invisible Undershirt

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This shirt has a close fit, is deeply cut at the neck and is in skin color so you can wear it under any shirt or polo without anyone seeing it.

It is made from a sustainable combination of elastane and natural lyocell. A light breathable fabric that provides incredible comfort and absorbs sweat. You hardly notice that you are wearing an undershirt. Feels like a second skin, incredibly comfortable.

You can wear this invisible undershirt under all your favorite shirts and protect it from sweat stains.

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  • Deeply cut V-neck: even invisible with 1 or 2 buttons open.
  • The shorter fitted sleeves allow you to wear it under a shirt, short-sleeved T-shirt or polo.
  • Slim fit around the abdomen for snug comfort.
  • Skin color makes it invisible (even under a thin white shirt).
  • The shirt is extra long so that it stays in the pants and does not ride up.
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